Saturday Brunch Club 
25 January 2014 
Join our Brunch Club on the last Saturday of the month. 
Call us on 01279 424 180 for more information or to make a booking. 
Some recent feedback about the  
atmosphere at the Dusty Miller 
"Good, tasty food served in a lovely, small, laid back pub. Small menu, some classic and some interesting, fresh dishes. " 
"I eat and drink here quite regularly and have always had a good time from any thing from a pint and a chat to one of his 5 course music nights. Best food round here." 
Saturday Brunch Club Menu 
Duck Egg, Rancho Style w/ Peppers & Chorizo 
Farmhouse Sausages, Fried Potatoes, Mustard Sauce 
Salmon Curry & Rice Pilaf w/ Spiced Salt 
Pink Rump Steak, Fries & Grilled Tomatoes 
All at £8.50 
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